Sprouting Seeds

by bmorehandmadeharvest

I have unfortunate news for everyone… This will be the last semester for the TU Urban Farm. Apparently, TU wants to build a second shed for the President’s golf cart…April fools!! The TU Urban Farm is still growing, and will continue to grow thanks to all of the amazing students and faculty involved with the farm!

Our seedlings are just about ready to be planted in the ground! As long as we  have warm weather ahead of us, we will be planting them at our work day  this weekend as well as next week when we have Dr. Fath’s classes come to visit us. April is an exciting month for us at the farm, we will be having several work days (including plenty of beautification projects), some class visits, leading at session (along with the Baltimore Orchard Project) at TU’s Environmental Conference, and selling some seedlings on campus!

Be sure to stop by for our meeting this week on Thursday at 5pm at the farm, or come out for our work day this Saturday 4/6 11am to 2pm!

Thank you Rida for this beautiful photo

The TU Urban Farm’s seedlings in the greenhouse. Thank you Rida for this beautiful photo!


One Comment to “Sprouting Seeds”

  1. I almost threw my computer out the window after reading the first two sentences. You got me!

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